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About Us

Our Concern

Violence and Injury Prevention in Nigeria and around the world.

Mission Statement

Joining efforts and resources to develop people, community and the environment. HSE Policy

Temidayo Ogan

To ensure freedom from violence, preventable injuries/deaths, work-related ill-health/deaths and to promote general health,safety and environment policies among staff/family, partners and clients – giving value for money through adequate organisation, implementation/testing of adequate control and recovery measures.

Signed by: Temidayo Ogan

RTS Policy

Temidayo Ogan

To be in conformity with all the requirements of the road traffic safety standard (iso 39001:2012) by ensuring the safety of employees, partners, volunteers, clients and other road users that we can control or influence.

Signed By: Temidayo Ogan


To stop violence and preventable injuries and deaths.

Our Slogan

Say Yes to Safety, Say Yes to life! Think Safety, Think Standards!


To promote and support violence and injury prevention agenda. To promote general health safety and environment agenda. To conduct and support research in injury control. To develop and conduct training in injury prevention and road traffic management. To develop violence and injuries prevention policies that can influence political agenda. To develop partnership with stakeholders in the prevention of violence and injuries.

Our History

Temidayo Ogan Child Safety and Support (TOCSS) Foundation was founded in 2005 as a network of individuals who were passionate about national development and youth empowerment. The group was later registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria; two months after the coordinator of the group had survived a terrible road traffic crash in 2007.

The Foundation’s initial workforce was majorly, committed volunteers, University students on internship programme and youths in the National Youth Service Corps Scheme (NYSC).

The operations of the Foundation started from the residence of the coordinator of the group Temidayo Ogan, who later became the Founder and first Executive Director of the Foundation.

For the purposes of advocacy and trainings, TOCSS Foundation conducted trainings for members on public speaking, child passenger safety and Microsoft power point. In May 2007, TOCSS Foundation hosted the “First Major Players Forum” to review the Road Safety Management System in Nigeria, especially the inattention to children and other vulnerable road users. The forum launched the first free training on Child Passenger Safety (CPSET) for school bus drivers, school bus managers, health education teachersand ante-natal clinics in Nigeria.

Also in 2007, TOCSS Foundation organized the very first Annual Road Safety Walk/Road Show in Nigeria; an effort to promote road safety management in Nigeria and to share road safety advice.

Two months after the road safety walk, TOCSS Foundation rented a workplace at the Central Business District (CBD) Alausa-Ikeja in Lagos State. As our commitments and scope of work have increased; TOCSS Foundation is currently in a facility that accommodates majority of her in-company activities like trainings and workshops.

Our Achievements

Since inception, TOCSS Foundation has made significant progress. Among the key achievements are:

Initiated the child passenger safety campaign in Nigeria. Initiated and developed the first curriculum on child passenger safety education (CPSET) for every institution, including hospitals and clinics in Nigeria. Initiated the Road Safety Walk/Road Show Event in Nigeria. Management of motorcyclist safety in Lagos State. Developed the truck Safety campaign in Nigeria. Pioneered the Pedestrian Safety Campaign in Nigeria. Pioneered the "Disabling Barriers to Include the Impaired Persons Road Safety" Campaign in Nigeria. Initiated the Crossing Guard project around school zones and the campaign for the child restraint law in Nigeria. Initiated a Safer Vehicle Act campaign in Nigeria in a bid to achieve the Standard Safety Star Ratings for vehicles sold in the Nigerian market. Developed Road Traffic Safety Workshop toolkits for the description and interpretation of ISO 39001:2012. Initiated the Child Pedestrian Safety campaign and School zone Management in Nigeria. Pioneered the Safe Road Campaign in Nigeria in a bid to achieve the Standard Safety Star Rating and reduction in RTC. Initiated Partnership projects on Road Traffic Safety in Lagos State. Coordinated Nigeria’s participation in global (UN / WHO) injury prevention projects and conferences.